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Tipp Top

I’m not one to brag, well unless there’s something to brag about!  And there most certainly is in Tipperary so here’s goes…. Firstly, the Cashel Palace Hotel is opening 1st March 2022, a beautiful Palladian Manor located at the foot of the mighty Rock of Cashel, a...


Winter Solstice Day

Ever feel like there’s not enough hours in the day? Well, today in Ireland there’s just 7.5 hours of daylight with sunrise happening at 8:38am, and sunset at 16:08pm. However many people gather pre-dawn at ancient sites to witness the amazing phenomenon that is the...

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Welcome to Ireland Hops

Welcome to Ireland Hops! Ireland Hops allows you to choose your own route and we will help you to build in unique, memorable experiences along the way. Ireland Hops is the little sister of Brewery Hops of Ireland, which was set up in 2012 by Mia Tobin. Mia has...

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